Temple Funds

Temple Beth El has been the recipient of donations form generous giver during out history. They provide numerous ways to engage in tzedakah (charitable giving).

The donations are typically designated to:

Temple Memorial Fund – Upon the funeral of a loved one or the anniversary of a death, donations made are added to this fund, which is used for durable and lasting memorial within the Temple Building, such as our memorial Yahrzeit board.

Temple General Fund – This fund has accepted donations earmarked for particular Temple projects including the Memorial Garden, building restoration, prayer book fund, sanctuary restoration, sanctuary sound system, and community programs.

Tree of Life – A Tree of Life donation sculpture provides opportunities to donate for happy occasions, such as births, anniversaries, graduations, and other life events. One leaf is engraved to commemorate the donation

Brandl Library Fund – A donation is made each year from a grant by the Brandl Brothers estate. The Temple Board, at its discretion, uses this fund to improve or maintain the Temple Library.

Zimmerman Fund – Proceeds from this donation are designated for use to maintain the Temple Sefer Torahs and sanctuary.

Temple Building Endowment – Funds in the endowment provide for capital improvement or replacement of components of the Temple building and grounds.

Cantor’s/Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – Donations are made to provide for small individual charitable needs as arranged by Cantor/Rabbi

Happy Day Fund – This fund derives from the purchase of greeting cards by congregants, sent to others on any occasion. Proceeds go to the Temple General Fund.